Andrea Cassidy

Registered Midwife
Registered Lactation Consultant

Expecting and Connecting Program Coordinator


Andrea Cassidy is originally from the Windsor-Essex area and is a founding member of the Midwifery Collective of Essex County.  She holds a Bachelor of Health Science in Midwifery from Ryerson University and is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. She also holds a Massage Therapy Certificate from Michigan and a Bachelor of Political Philosophy from Concordia University. She is the first midwifery student from Essex County to graduate from the Midwifery Education Program at Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario.

She has been actively involved in the childbirth community in Windsor-Essex since the early 1990s, when she was a founding member of the local Ontario Midwifery Consumer Network. A long standing community activist, Andrea has volunteered with a variety of women’s groups in Windsor-Essex County, including local women’s shelters, women’s art groups, as well as immigrant communities.

Andrea’s children and grandchildren were all born in Windsor-Essex and she and her family call Windsor-Essex their home. She is happy to serve her home community as a practicing midwife. 

As a Registered Midwife Andrea has over 10 years of experience providing primary healthcare for pregnant women and their babies throughout their pregnancy, labour, delivery, and six weeks postpartum. She brings a wealth of information about newborn care, postpartum care and recovery, and breastfeeding support for both mom and baby.

Andrea is an international board certified Lactation Consultant. As a midwife and lactation consultant, Andrea can help you to breastfeed, identify problems with breastfeeding, and help with these problems.

Abigail Alkhoury

Registered Midwife

Abigail Alkhoury is a Syrian-Canadian who was born and raised in the outskirts of Sudbury, Ontario. She graduated from Laurentian University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (2015) and a Bachelor of Health Sciences in Midwifery (2020). As a northern resident and student, she had the privilege of working with childbearing individuals both in the rural and urban settings of Thunder Bay, Sudbury, Milton, London, and Hamilton. Her blend of psychology and midwifery enabled her passion for informed choice and empathetic professionalism whilst providing evidence-based, exceptional clinical care for her clients.


Since her youth she has been learning about midwifery care. She drew inspiration from the birth stories of her mother and siblings. Her presence and assistance with the birth of her younger siblings, nieces, and nephews nourished her path to midwifery. The courage of the many women she has learned from as a student of midwifery, parenting educator, and childcare attendant has provided her much opportunity to counsel and clinically care for women, newborns, and their siblings. 


In her spare time, Abby enjoys making and sharing communal meals and projects with her family. She and her fiancé ground themselves in the communal spirit of family and building a future conducive for health and well-being.

Stefanie de Rechter

Co-op Student

Stefanie is our co-op student who is with us from May of 2021 and will be with us till December 2021. She is a student at the University of Windsor in the Bachelor of Human Kinetics program. Stefanie moved here in 2011 from the Netherlands. 

Diane Jaworiwsky

Registered Midwife


Diane Jaworiwsky graduated from the midwifery program at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario and has had the pleasure of caring for women and their families in Owen Sound, Burlington, Waterloo, London, Durham region, Leamington, and Windsor. She has attended births in rural and urban settings, at home and hospital births, and in various community agencies and health care settings.


Prior to entering the Midwifery Education Program, Diane practiced Registered Massage Therapy and provided labour support for women and their families for four years in Durham region and then six years in Windsor-Essex. She has also had the privilege of being cared for and supported by midwives through her own transition into motherhood. She is passionate about woman-centred care and maternal and fetal health.

Tara Farquharson

Registered Midwife


Tara Farquharson graduated from the International Midwifery Pre-registration Program (IMPP) at Ryerson University, in Toronto. Before Tara became registered in Ontario, she received midwifery training in the United States and furthered her training as a resident midwife in a high-volume birth center in Texas.


Tara fell in love with midwifery as a teenager after she had the privilege of attending a number of home-births with a midwife in the United States during one summer. The experience was life changing, and it was then that she knew that taking care of mothers and babies would be her life calling. Tara is passionate about informed choice, empowerment through pregnancy and childbirth, and giving a newborn the best start possible in life.

​Tara is a proud mother of four children, including a set of twins; all with whom she received midwifery care. For her time off she enjoys hiking, biking and camping with her family and Golden Retriever. Tara is new to Essex County and is grateful for the opportunity to work with the midwives and families here.

Dana Dunn

Office Administrator

Dana has been with the Midwifery Collective of Essex County since 2017 as our office administrator. She is responsible for the day to day office administration including patient scheduling. Dana has over 15 years of experience in administration and customer service. She will always greet you with a smile and is the friendly voice that will most likely greet you when you call our office. Dana is the mother to a beautiful daughter.

Jessica Hebert

Registered Midwife

Scan_20190726 (2).jpg

Jess Hebert graduated from the midwifery program at McMaster University in 2019. She has had the privilege of being involved in the care of women and their families in Windsor, Leamington, and Essex County throughout her midwifery education. She has also been able to attend both hospitals and home births in the combination of rural and urban settings that this diverse community provides.


Jess was born and raised in Windsor, so she is excited to be providing midwifery care to her home community and the surrounding county areas. Interested in pregnancy and childbirth since childhood, and feeling medical school was not the path for her, Jess was unsure of how to incorporate her interests into a career. When she discovered midwifery, it was love at first sight. Providing education and support, facilitating informed choice, and being a witness to the growth of each family continues to fuel Jess’ passion for midwifery.


Prior to her midwifery degree, Jess obtained a Combined Honours in English and Biology from University of Windsor and participated as a co-author on a textbook entitled “Epigenetics in Society”.

Corey Bryant

Registered Midwife

Corey photo.jpg

Corey has a BHSc from McMaster University and graduated in 2017. She completed her Master’s of Health Management from McMaster University.

Since graduation, she has enjoyed watching families grow while also attending to some of the unique needs of those seeking care in Hamilton, ON. She has a passion for health teaching and empowerment and strives to ensure people can make the best decisions during their pregnancy, armed with the information the need to do so.


Corey has worked with the Association of Ontario Midwives (AOM) to develop Clinical Practice Guidelines, and hopes her Master’s Degree will help her to continue the work of midwifery in the political sphere. Corey also enjoys clinical teaching and mentorship, and in her spare time is an avid crafter who loves to knit and crochet!


Corey is looking forward to joining the Midwifery Collective of Essex County and providing care to families in this region. One of the things she is most excited for is to live in the county and explore all the amazing things it has to offer!

Angela Cacanindin

Office Administrator Assistant 

Angela started as a Co-op student with the Midwifery Collective of Essex County. She graduated from Bachelors of Human Kinetics. She is now employed with us as a permanent office administrator assistant.