As part of the Expecting and Connecting Program you can register for one or many of the following programs:

  • Group Prenatal Care

  • Group Postpartum Care

  • Postpartum Home Visits

Pregnant people interested in primary care from a midwife should look under the Primary Care tab to find out how to apply at our associated practice: Midwifery Collective of Essex County. 


As a client of Connecting and Expecting, you will be seen under the Obstetrician schedule at Windsor Regional Hospital or Erie Shores Healthcare. This means you should attend OB Triage at Windsor Regional Hospital - Met Campus when you have an immediate concern or you believe you are in labour.


At the hospital you will be cared for by the on-call teams, including physicians, nurses, social workers, and anyone else who can contribute to your care. Right now, Expecting and Connecting clients have their babies at Windsor Regional Hospital - Met Campus

As a midwifery client, care is focused on:


Continuity of Care

  • Seeing the same provider, or group of providers throughout your pregnancy, at your birth, and in the postpartum


Choice of Birthplace

  • Clients who are receiving primary care from midwives in the Windsor-Essex community are able to discuss birthing at home or at the hospital with their midwives, if receiving primary care.


Informed Choice

  • Midwives work with you to provide you with the information and education you need to make the right choice for you about your care

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