Client Testimonials 

Jyotika K.

Thank you Expecting & Connecting especially Andrea for everything. You took care of me and my daughter (Amayra) so well and without any benefit of your own. I can say that you are an angel who helps everyone without any relation. I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on 9 Jan, 2020.


I am an international student here so the government did not give any health card to our children. I wanted health card for my daughter due to some reason then Andrea helped me a lot and we got health card by the help of parliament also. She did a lot of things for me and my daughter which cannot be forgotten.


Thank you so much Andrea

Sarah W.

"Having a midwife as your care provider during pregnancy, labour and delivery, and postpartum is a special experience, one that I know our family will always cherish. What makes it truly special though, is the amazing and dedicated midwives who immerse themselves in their career.

For us, this was Corey! Not only was she the 'lucky' one to get the middle-of-the-night call that baby was ready to arrive, but throughout all of our prenatal appointments I felt nothing but listened to, supported, and understood with all of the many questions I would bring. I knew that she was always looking out for me. She did not hesitate to follow-up on things when needed, and she definitely took the time to educate me for my own peace of mind.


I felt so lucky to have been matched with a midwife who seemed to truly value and love her work, and could only wish that I had the opportunity to be under her care again!"

Lindsay L. 

"We're so thankful for the incredible knowledge, care and support we received from the midwives during this special time... especially during our home birth. An experience we will never forget! Both my husband and I have praised to others about the type of intimate and ongoing care we received throughout the pregnancy. It was also so helpful and easy to have the midwives attend right in our own home the days following the birth... in our own bedroom! I owe my breastfeeding success to their teaching and support during those visits. We can't imagine having such a wonderful and intimate experience any other way. Thank you, thank you, thank you." 

Jenn L. 

"I have been been lucky enough to be in the care of these amazing women for 3 of my 5 pregnancies. I can speak to all of them that their bedside manner is unbelievable. My main midwives have been Diane, Andrea and Kate. I’ve experienced both the utmost happiness with them by my side and the most gut wrenching heartache. Andrea and Diane supported me through the process of losing my son and Diane was with me through the entire delivery of him being born Stillborn, she will never know what those hours and time afterwards meant to me and she didn’t have to be with me the entire time. All 4 of these midwives are beyond knowledgeable, caring, empathetic and dedicated. I strongly recommend this midwifery collective for pregnancy and birth. I can’t wait for my next pregnancy and to go through it with them." 

Kelsey A.

"This was my second birth with the midwives; both of my daughters were delivered by Diane which I feel super lucky about. She was super reassuring and made me feel confident in my decisions through pregnancy, labour and postpartum.

I honestly can’t say enough good things about her and my experiences with the midwives. They’re all wonderful! I met all of them through my pregnancy and/or postpartum care and each one helped me through several hurdles. Feels weird I won’t be seeing them every two weeks anymore! I’m so thankful for these wonderful ladies!"


Gillian R.

"I just wanted to send an message to thank all of the midwives who were involved in both of our care! Tara, Corey, Diane, Jess and Abi were all amazing in my prenatal and postnatal care, as well as Tara during my delivery. This was my first time using midwifery care, but my third baby, and I have never felt more listened to, cared for or that I could be so involved in my own delivery. It was the most amazing experience and I am forever grateful for you all!! It saddens me to know that we won’t get to see you anymore, but I am so glad to end my child-bearing journey on this note. There are not enough words to appropriately thank you, on behalf of myself, my husband and our 6 week old little girl!"