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About Us...

The Midwifery Collective Of Essex County (MCEC) has locations in Windsor, ON and in Leamington, ON.


Our midwives care for women experiencing low risk pregnancy, labour, and postpartum.  The midwives will assess and monitor women throughout their pregnancy, labour and the postpartum period, and also care for their newborn babies. Appointments usually last 30-45 minutes

The Expecting and Connecting program is FREE midwifery led prenatal and postpartum program that is fully funded by the Ontario government. This program is led by a registered midwife and lactation consultant, it is open to all women including women with obstetricians as their healthcare provider for their pregnancy.


Expecting and Connecting offers virtual prenatal classes, virtual postpartum group and postpartum home visits that include breastfeeding support.


We at the Midwifery Collective of Essex County are committed to providing free, safe and excellent care.

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