Postpartum Home Visits

After you have your baby the midwife will provide postpartum care for both you and your newborn baby in your home within the first 2 weeks following your birth.


This includes:


  • Health assessment for mom

  • Health assessment for baby

  • Newborn weight check

  • Questions or concerns you have about your recovery

  • Questions or concerns you have about newborn care

  • Breastfeeding support

  • Order standard laboratory and diagnostic tests.

  • Prescribe certain drugs related to clients’ care


If you choose to use this service , the midwife will come and see you and your newborn 2-3 times within the first 2 weeks after you give birth, these visits may be at the hospital,  your home or the clinic . Any families living within Essex County are are eligible to participate, including first time moms and those with multiple children.


Participating in this program will likely reduce the amount you will have to travel after having your baby. You will be seen at home, instead of returning to the hospital.


*At this time, you would have to return to the hospital if your baby needed a bilirubin test or more complex care from a pediatrician.

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