Our Services

Our midwives care for women experiencing low risk pregnancy, labour, and postpartum. All of our services are covered by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.


There is no fee for service.


Our catchment area includes Windsor-Essex County and extends into a very small portion of Kent County, specifically the Wheatley area.


All of our midwives assess and monitor women throughout their pregnancy, labour and the postpartum period, and also care for their newborn babies.


Our midwifery practice encourages self-referral, which means you can call us yourself. In Ontario, you do not need to be referred by a physician.


Our midwives provide:

  • Prenatal care, including genetic testing, diagnostic testing, ultrasound, and lab work

  • Direct pager access to a midwife

  • Birth in a hospital or home

  • Access to all pain relief options, including epidural

  • In-home postpartum visits to check on mom and baby

  • Health education and promotion


Appointments usually last 30-45 minutes.

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